Guild Holiday: Dwarf-tossing day!

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Guild Holiday: Dwarf-tossing day!

Post by Ibby on Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:46 am

Toss a dwarf** off the guild airship!

(**If no dwarves can be found, Etchin will be used as a substitute.)

Each guildie participating enters three 'points' worth of ingredients (see list below), to be added to the winner's pot.

1 pt: Semi-common/inexpensive ingredients (Examples: A single: Restored relic, common shroud/vale ingredients, common epic scroll; May also enter 500 lesser crafting mats or 50 greater crafting mats or 3x heroic dragonscales.)

2 pt: uncommon ingredients (Examples: A single: medium sulfurous stone, medium devil scale, large shrapnel, epic GH dragonscale, moderately uncommon epic scrolls)

3 pt: rare ingredients (Examples: ToD boot mats, uncommon epic scrolls, large devil scale or shrapnel; May also enter a +2 tome or Epic normal item)

Entering an exceptionally rare item gives a special bonus (see end of post).

Each guildie will take guesses as to where the dwarf will land.

Each winning guildie will then gain a random prize from the pot.

This is repeated until no more items are left in the pot.

As an additional bonus, the guildie with the fewest incorrect guesses gains a bonus Large Devil Scale (ties will determine winner by die roll).

In the case of less items available than players present on the last bet, each player that didn't claim a prize will receive 1,000 lesser essences of a random type.

In the case of only a single winner in a round, that guildie claims two random items instead of one.

Current Pot:
500 Lesser Mind Essences x2
500 Lesser Body Essences x2
Restored Elven Relic x3
Restored Giant Relic x3
Restored Dragon Relic x3
Scroll of the Siren's Charm
Scroll of Deneith Heavy Chain

For extra fun:
Anyone that enters an especially rare ingredient (eg, green dragonscale, red dragonscale, yellow dopant, +3 tome, a valuable epic hard/elite item) gets to secretly whisper to Ibsis during the tossing- and, for a single dwarf toss, they decide where the dwarf lands!
Doesn't matter where the dwarf actually lands, after landing the modified landing location is announced and all bets treat that location as the actual location the dwarf lands in!
(Note, if you do this, and then don't yourself bet on that location, you've been drinking too much guild punch.)
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Re: Guild Holiday: Dwarf-tossing day!

Post by Etchin on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:21 pm

Ibby wrote:Toss a dwarf** off the guild airship!


Ibby wrote:(**If no dwarves can be found, Etchin will be used as a substitute.)

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Re: Guild Holiday: Dwarf-tossing day!

Post by SallinKari on Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:32 am

And I will note that my dwarf cleric will be notable absent during this holiday.
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Re: Guild Holiday: Dwarf-tossing day!

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