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Post by Ibby on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:38 pm

This forum utilizes all the forum guidelines listed in the pinned thread in the Guild Discussion forum, except that it removes the restriction on discussing real world groups, entities, beliefs, or news.

However, content linked here can not be openly ill natured- attempt to use sources that are well-known, or respected in their academic field.

Use of sources which have significant conflict associated with them (eg, Fox News), or are presented by other belief-based organizations of any sort are highly discouraged, as they may more readily invoke conflict.
It is your responsability to present such content in a manner which mitigates hostility, should you choose to link from these sources.

Your own comments cannot in any way deride an entire group or belief system, or express contempt for a group in a manner that emphasizes the specific background of the group is to blame (eg, 'this is why I dislike religious groups that go too far' is far preferrable to 'this is why I dislike ~XGroup~ that go too far').
Make sure to watch your phrasing.
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