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UD15 Druid Fix Empty UD15 Druid Fix

Post by Ibby on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:59 pm

For those that missed it (I know I did), [according to posts/discussion] Druid Wild Shape now works properly with:
1: Sword and Board. This utilizes the shields benefits, including bonus to AC.
2: One-Handed/Two-Handed Weapons.
3: Unarmed / Monk. Monk dice increases now properly (and impressively) add to Wild Shape form's dice.
4: A Monk wielding a one handed weapon [I didn't find any specification as to if the one handed weapon effects or the unarmed dice increase was exclusive to the other, but I got the impression you got the best of both worlds]
5: Monk Reinforced Fists items now increase natural attack dice without reverting to Monk D6 unarmed combat dice.

However, supposedly:
1: Dual-wielding as a monk will still cause your natural attack damage dice to revert to a monk's (D6).

Your ideal build for a wild shape hybrid will be 11 monk/9 druid, though 12/8 is also functional.

I wrote up build notes, but they were too disorganized; if anyone wants them, I can rewrite them when I have internet back on a proper computer again.

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