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Daily Dice Update Empty Daily Dice Update

Post by Ibby on Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:53 am

A bit more on the daily dice changes coming with the expansion. Looks like Gold'll finally be worth it.

"FeatherOfSun: To fix [displeasure with the current system], we made the following adjustments:

* The category sizes have been altered, so that fewer rolls are weighted toward the bottom results.
* Collectibles and Ingredients have been removed.
* All rolls now result in an XP reward. The size of this award increases with higher tier categories. The XP token is Bound to Account, and you can save them up and transfer them to the character you prefer to use them on. They do not benefit from XP potions or other bonuses to earned XP.
* Categories have been streamlined. Descriptive text under the category now tells you exactly what you can get from your roll landing there.
* The second to top category always awards Skill Tomes. (+1, +2, or +3 on Silver, +4 or +5 on Gold) The top category always awards Ability Tomes. (+1, +2, or +3 on Silver, +4 or +5 on Gold)
* XP rewards from Gold rolls are 10 times the XP rewards from a corresponding Silver roll.

I just hope they also removed the potions of fire shield, death ward, angels tears, etc that they felt were good ideas to spam gold tables with.

Edit: XP Tokens range from 100 - 1000xp on Silver, 1000 - 10000xp on Gold. All tokens and tomes are BTA.

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