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Questing/Raid Protocols Empty Questing/Raid Protocols

Post by Ibby on Sun Mar 24, 2013 4:59 pm

Questing with the guild:

  • Keep in mind the circumstances of your guildies. Everyone has real world circumstances that may interfere with their play at times, and consideration should be given to such. Do not make fun of these circumstances, and make sure to apologize if you accidentally do such.
  • No cursing at party members, for any reason. Curse words are fine in this guild, so long as they are not -directed at a player-.
  • Do not ever insult the conduct of a party member. If needed, respectfully bring up a topic you feel they are not addressing properly, so they can learn and grow. Insulting conduct to a party member can result a short temporary ban from runs with the guild, until we can be sure the behavior has stopped.
  • If you've an issue, bring it up with guild leadership for discussion. In the meantime, don't let it compromise your play. If needed, respectfully excuse yourself from a party, and then go take a breather from the game. None of us like drama, and we'll try our best to resolve the issue in a calm, quick manner.

  • No rushing ahead and pulling mobs back to the party- it's fine, and even helpful at times to rush ahead and gather mobs into a cluster. But know your limitations of what you can handle, and when overwhelmed, don't drag back to the party.
  • When kiting, try kiting in a rectangular box shape- mob AI ignores zig-zagging manuevers (they're not crocodiles, apparently) but they get confused at oval and rectangular maneuvers around them. Furthermore, party members can remain stationary in the narrow part of the rectangle shape and reliably hit the mob with ray spells and melee attacks.
  • Don't drop ddoors on the party. If a ddoor is necessary, move away from the party and angle the ddoor in the opposite direction of the party. This is all the more important in raids, as some will not let you complete if you take a ddoor. Such behavior can lead to some justified upset responses.

When running in quests and raids you are unfamiliar with, stick to the following guidelines:

  • Do not rush ahead past the lead members of the party. Let them determine the pace, so you don't accidentally trigger something early.
  • Don't touch levers or other interactables without asking first, or having been instructed to do such.
  • Take a careful approach. When in doubt, don't finish off a named boss, or approach the flaming barrier, or such. In raids you know have linked-mob mechanics (Fall of Truth) try to not reduce named mobs below 20% health until instructed.

Raiding also adds the following guidelines:

  • Don't ever make disparaging remarks toward the guild. It reflects poorly on us, and especially so on you. This behavior can result in a long-term ban from guild raids- after all, it's not us that will need to recover, but our reputation.
  • Named items you pull and don't want MUST be offered to the guild chat first, and then to the allied guild chat. This helps solidify our bonds to those we run with, encourage teamplay, and strengthen our toons so we can run even more raids. After offering to both groups, then the item may be offered for roll to the raid group.
  • As an exception to the above rule: If there is a specific item you are farming for your toon, and you can trade your item for it, we won't be offended if you do. But if you're just trading for an item you 'sorta need', then keep in mind that we have items we are specifically farming as well, and may benefit highly from the item you are trading. In summary, keep the guild in mind when running raids, and try to do what is best for the guild as a whole.

Most importantly!

  • Ask questions! We're here to help, just let us know your concerns and confusions!
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