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Weekly Guild Schedule Empty Weekly Guild Schedule

Post by Ibby on Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:38 pm

Our weekly schedule:
Tuesdays: Day-Long Flagging Day. Two flagging chains will be posted, to a max of 7 quests.
Wednesdays: Help a Guildie Day. Flagging for those that missed Tuesday's flagging (or parts of it), as well as any gear farming/etc that guildies may need. Basically a 'catch up to the rest of the guild' day.

Saturdays: Raid Night! Raids we're running for the week will be announced after Wednesday (once we have a good idea what we managed to flag for that week). We'll try and stick to a total of 4 raid-quests run per Saturday (With paired quests such as Abbot, Titan Awakes/Twilight Forge, and Von 5/6 counting as 2). We can always keep running additional quests into the early morning, but the 4 raids listed will be our goal mark for the week. Smile

Raid Night Time Zone Reference, Courtesy of Etch:
5p PST to 10p PST
6p MST to 11p MST
7p CST to 12a CST (midnight)
8p EST to 1a EST
12a GMT to 5a GMT
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