How to join the Allied Guild Chat

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How to join the Allied Guild Chat Empty How to join the Allied Guild Chat

Post by Ibby on Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:12 pm


The allied guild chat is where reliable, capable, mature players that we enjoy playing with, but are from other guilds, can easily group up with us for questing or raids. It's a great resources for guildies looking to fill groups but unable to gather enough guildies to do such.

When participating in discussion in the allied chat, respectful behavior is expected.

While it is technically possible for anyone to join the chat, as detailed below, the chat not for general chat purposes.

It is a privilege granted to those whom have given us excellent play, and those close to them.

As such, only officers of our guild may invite players to join the chat channel.

To Join

Type " /joinchannel FuryChat " into your chatbox. It doesn't matter which chat tab this typed into.

Right click on your chat tab names [Eg, 'Party'].

Click the 'Set Incoming Message Types' and select 'Chat Channel 1' to add the chat channel's messages to the chat tab in question.

Use /1 to speak to the chat channel.

Creating a new chat tab ('Create New Window' when right clicking on the chat tab names) will have all chat channels active by default.

It is also recommended to consider adding guild chat as an incoming message type to your party chat, though it is entirely up to your preferences on the topic.
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