Raid Night!

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Raid Night! Empty Raid Night!

Post by Ibby on Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:56 pm

*  The Shroud                    
*  Hound of Xoriat            
*  A Vision of Destruction    
*  Vault of Night                

Shroud:  [Hard. Let Ibby know if you want to run at-level (17-19) or not!]
HoX:     [Hard (Lv. 18-20 Bravery Bonus!)]
VoD:   [Normal (Lv. 18-20 at-level), or Hard (Lv. 18-23, lowered XP) Let Ibby know your preference! ]
VoN:     [Epic, 20+]

Raid schedule isn't solidified until Thursday!
If you've other raids we've flagged in the past you want to run, or if you had trouble flagging for this week's raids, let Ibby know asap!
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