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Post by Ibby on Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:59 pm

The guild forums are a magical place, filled with the wafting fumes off the guild punch bowl.

The effects upon the forum's denizens are mysterious and curious in nature..

Simply posting on the forums will find you waking up in various corners of the guild halls, engaged in bewildering tasks.

If, however, you are the impatient sort, you can post here to ask for a draft of Ibby's special punch..

But be warned, the outcome of such a rash action cannot be predicted!

Post here to receive a random custom forum rank. The duration of wait after asking will vary (based on how fast the punch affects you). Also post here to note if you find any ranks to be offensive, or otherwise in need of change.
Sorry- no requests to engage in teetotalling will be honored, though you can always ask for a remedy for the special punch.

To contribute to the flavor of the punch:
No Gnomes Here
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