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Post by Ibby on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:16 pm

Expected Conduct:

* Respect your guildmates and their circumstances

* Do not bring up real world matters outside of the 'Real World' forum. This includes news references not pertaining to DDO (or other games if posting in the 'Alternate Gaming' forum), racial, religious, national, political, or other real world group or belief association.

* If you have issue with a matter, take a breath away from the computer before responding. If there is any chance of continuing conflict, either remove yourself from the matter or report it to a Guild Officer (or Guild Leadership if a Guild Officer is involved).


Guild Officers have the following rights of moderation, under the circumstances listed.
If you don't understand why your post was moderated, POLITELY ask the moderator in question (if known), or bring the matter up with Guild Leadership.

* Editing: Excessive cursing outside of the Nonsense Spamming forum, brief instances of inappropriate conduct, and posting of NDA-protected DDO information will be edited out. (Though you're totally welcome to PM Ibby with the information of the last of those <3)

* Deletion: Any post focusing mainly on inappropriate content, or which is openly inflammatory will be deleted.

* Suspension: Any significantly aggressive or inappropriate post may result in a 3-day ban from the forums, while continued such behaviors, multiple such posts in a short duration, or dramatically inappropriate conduct can result in a permanent ban from BOTH the forums and the guild itself.

Inappropriate Conduct which can lead to Suspension:

* Aside from the expected conduct listed above, don't flame-spam, make death threats, make offensive prejudicial slurs, or make derogatory comments toward a member's private life.

* The Rainbow Connection: Making a post with excessive use of forum tags (such as alternating colors every other sentence, or, all divine entities in DDO forbid, every other word) will lead to Ibby creating a 'I deserve to drown in Fairy Dust' forum, and restricting you to posting in that forum alone, until A: You learn how to post in a mature fashion / lay off the drugs you're on, or B: You let Ibby paint you, your car, and your house in the manner of your post(s), followed by stealing your router.
Fair warning ~ ^.^
(Seriously, though, even brief looks at such cause physical pain for Ibby, so it's not cool, even as a gag.)
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